Coloring app for adults?!

Coloring books are great for kids but they have also proven therapeutic and beneficial for adults. In the digital age we are not confined to physical books. And instead of carrying around a coloring book and hundreds of colored pencils, why not try out a coloring app on your phone. One such coloring app is called “Nurie”.

This application is designed under the supervision of Dr. Hiroyuki Kobayashi, a leading authority in the autonomic nervous system, this fantastic Japanese coloring app defines the word “tranquility.” Nurie is intended to relax it’s users with beautiful Japanese patterns.

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You can access the download page by reading the QR code.

The coloring pattern can be chosen according to the time you want to play, from simple things that can be done in 5 minutes to complex things that can be expected to be super-titre. More than 100 kinds of patterns can be chosen! There are beautiful colors such as those expressing the four seasons of Japan from the motifs of popular flowers and goldfish. A new coloring pattern is added every day!

You can download the Nurie coloring app by heading to the App Store today.